Dwora Fried


Grim Tales

February 6, 2023

Grim Tales by James MacDevitt

Grim Tales: Flashbacks and Fables

February 2023

Interview Cerritos College

Grim Tales: Flashbacks and Fables


April 7, 2022

"Dwora Fried Review On The Mountain" by Mat Gleason


March 17, 2021

"On Collaboration: Reciprocity" by Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Art and Cake

October 26, 2020

"Bonnie J Smith - She Votes" by Genie Davis

LA Art Documents

March 4, 2020

"This Place/Quotidian Gallery DTLA" co-written by jill moniz and Deb Klowden Mann

Art and Cake

March 20, 2020

"Where We Do and Don't Belong" by Anne Wallentine

Artillery Magazine

January 28, 2020

"Perceive the Passion: January Ends with Heat" by Genie Davis

“This Place” Interview

Quotidian, Los Angeles, California - January 25 - March 21, 2020
"This Place" Curated by Jillith Moniz

Art and Cake

November 6, 2019

# Enough at the Neutra by Betty Brown

Riot Material Magazine

May 28, 2019

Remembrance IncARnaTe in "Inhertited Memories" by Genie Davis

Art and Cake

May 24, 2019

"Inherited Memories: Shula Singer Arbel, Dwora Fried & Malka Nedivi" by Betty Ann Brown

Artillery Magazine

May 22, 2019

"Passionate Projects in the Art Scene" by Genie Davis

Jewish Journal

May 15, 2019

"Inherited Memories" Exhibition Transforms Holocaust Stories by Gerri Miller

Inherited Memories

April 2019

"Inherited Memories: Three Artists and the Shadow of the Shoah" by Peter Frank

LA Artists Respond to FRIEZE LA

February 16, 2019

"UNFROZEN Gathers Six Los Angeles Artists to Melt Away the Winter" by Mat Gleason

Artillery Magazine

February 21, 2019

"Not Just the Fairs...Sart Up Fair, SoLA Gallery, Substrate Gallery" by Genie Davis

Artillery Magazine

February 22, 2019

"Online Exhibition: Politically Inspired Art" by Jane Chafin"

The Guardian

June 6, 2018

"Pride Month: The Exhibitions Celebrating LGBT Art in June" by Nadja Sayej


June 6, 2018

"Ein Feministisk Manifestation" by Leif Mattsson

OMKONST (English translation)

June 6, 2019

"En Feministisk Manifestation" by Leif Mattsson (English Translation)

Art and Cake

March 6, 2018

"'Art Speaks, Lend Your Voice' at Arena 1 Gallery" by Genie Davis

Art and Cake

February 16, 2018

"Get Inspired with Visual Reststance at Fullerton College" by Evan Senn

Modern Art Blitz

February 1, 2018

"Visual Resistance" Interview with Mat Gleason at Fullerton College Art Gallery

Fullerton Observer

January 2018

"Fullerton College Art Gallery" by Payal Khatri Arts and Exhibits (page 15)

Art and Cake

October 24, 2017 "One Work: 'Two Women, One Reality' Installation by Bibi Davidson & Dwora Fried" by Betty Brown


Art and Cake

July 17, 2017 "It's a Wonderful World at Groundspace" by Genie Davis


Modern Art Blitz

July 9, 2017 Interview with Mat Gleason


OC Weekly

June 22, 2017 "'Art as Protest' at OCCCA, Does Too Much of Latter, Too Little of Former" by Dave Barton


Los Angeles Times

June 15, 2017 "'Art as Protest' paints grim headlines" by David Hansen


Art and Cake

May 18, 2017 "Art Stories: Personal Narrative at The Annenberg Community Beach House" by Genie Davis


ShoeBox PR

May 2017 Studio Visit with "Big Queer Box"



March 29, 2017 "Immigrant art show starts as chain letter" by Sam Whiting


Artillery Magazine

February 22, 2017 "Online Exhibition:Politically Inspired Art" by Jane Chafin



February 21, 2017 Annenberg Community Beach House presents "Personal Narrative"


PBS News Hour

February 15, 2017 "At LA art show, immigrant portraits draw record attendance" by Kelly Whalen and Sarah Hotchkiss


Art and Cake

February 7, 2017 "State of the Union: Politically Charged to #resist" by Genie Davis


Larchmont Buzz

February 3, 2017 Events for Feb 4-5 by Elizabeth Fuller


The Woven Tale Press

January 30, 2017 "Galleries Make A Difference" by Sandra Tyler


Visual Art Source

January 2017 Editors’ Roundtable "The Real Inauguration Day" by Bill Lasarow


Visual Art Source

January 2017 Editorial: Recommendation “With Liberty and Justice for Some” by Simone Kussatz


Huffington Post

January 19, 2017 Artist’s Mobilize: With Liberty and Justice for Some . . . An Exhibition Honoring Immigrants


San Francisco Examiner

December 22, 2016 "Arc Gallery exhibit raises a feminist middle finger in uncertain times" by V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi


San Francisco Weekly

December 20, 2016 "Giving a F*ck: Art That Makes Women’s Invisible Condition Visible" by Peter Lawrence Kane


Art and Cake

December 2016 "FAUX SHO’ : DADA Centennial Part 2 at MuzeuMM" by Genie Davis


Diversions LA

November 19, 2016 MAS Attack Grand Finale


Peripheral Vision Arts

October 2016 3D Sculture Foundation Prize


My Suburban Life

October 27, 2016 "Sense of Place’ offers museum-goers a look at local art" by Allison Horne


The Hand Magazine

October 2016 Issue #14



September 2016 "Torrance Art Museum presents MAS Attack 13"


Los Angeles Magazine

September 20, 2016 Immigration Issue: Finding a Muse and Home in LA by Marielle Wakim


Pick of the Week

News Review "Gilding the Lily Tomlin" by Shoka August 11, 2016


The Beach Reporter

July 2016 "CA 101 Gives Galleria an Artistic Vibe" by Genie Davis


Diversions LA

July 2016 "CA 101: Mall Art Gets a New Meaning" by Genie Davis


Brown on Fried

April 2016 Betty Brown

Brown on Fried

Artillery Magazine

March 23, 2016 "Artist Parity at LACE" by Jody Zellen


ArtNet news

March 18, 2016 'Gallery Tally' Exhibit in LA Visualizes Challenges for Female Artists by Alyssa Buffenstein



February 2016 "Dwora Fried's BIG BOX/little box" by Desiree Cormier We Choose Art


Huffington Post

January 2016 "Dwora Fried : Unboxing Vienna" by Shayna Nys Dambrot



January 2016 "Dwora Fried - Solo Exhibition" Fabrik Media


Artful Amphora

January 2016 "Dwora Fried's Magnificent Boxes" by Karen Schifman


Diversions LA

January 2016 "Big Art: BIG Box/Little Box - Dwora Fried at LAAA" by Genie Davis


We Choose Art

January 2016 "Dwora Fried's BIG BOX, little box" Interview by Desiree Cormier


The Creators Project

January 2016 "Dioramas Spotlight the Hidden Darkness of Childhood" by Gabrielle Bruney


LA Post Examiner

December 31, 2015 "Dwora Fried - Solo Exhibition: BIG BOX/ little box"


Hawthorne Community TV 22

October 2015 Interview during "Where The Magic Happens"


Diversions LA

October 8, 2015 "Magical Night at Gallery H of Phantom Galleries: Where the Magic Happens” by Genie Davis


Amazing Women in Action/World Woman Foundation

September 2015 Dwora Fried interview with Arlene Krantz 22 minutes


Cartwheel Art - Magazine

September 7, 2015 Positively 6th Street: “Ode to the 6th Street Bridge” at Art Share LA by Lisa Derrick


Shoebox PR

August 2015 " Interview with Artist Dwora Fried" by Kristine Schomaker


Diversions LA

June 28, 2015 "Far From Small: Dwora Fried's Miniature Tableaux" by Genie Davis


Life in LA

Art in LA: Recommendations for June 2015 June 2015


Art and Cake

March 21, 2015

"Dwora Fried's Haunting Autobiographical Mixed Media Boxes" by Kristine Shoemaker



March 2014 "Circle of Art" by Betty Ann Brown


Im Gespräch (OE1)

OE1 Radio Interview with Renata Schmidtkunz December 2013 - Vienna, Austria "Wien is eine Hassliebe. Es ist mir vertraut, aber ich könnte hier nicht mehr leben/Vienna is a hate-love relationship. It is familiar, but I couldn't live here anymore."



November 2013 - Vienna, Austria "Für die Künstlerin Dwora Fried is "Heimat" eine Provokation/For the artist Dwora Fried the word “homeland” is a provocation" von Walter Famler


Jewish Journal

September 18, 2013 "Artist displays what's missing in a box" by Elyse Samuels


Illustrierte Neue Welt - Austria

June 2013 "Kunst ueberschwemmt Lagunenstadt" von Petra M. Springer


ERA2000 on line

June 20, 2013 "Presso in Museo Ebraico di Venezia le opere di un'artista sensibile e originale/At the Jewish Museum of Venice the works of a sensitive and original artist" published by Glusy Alvito Il mondo "in scatola" di Dwora Fried...


Arcobaleno - Italy

June 2013 "La dolcezza e l'angoscia dei ricordi d'infanzia animano le sue creazioni/ The sweetness and anguish of childhood memories animate her creations." M. Luca


Arcobaleno - English translation by Erika Marina Nadir http://www.dworafried.com/site_images/Arcobaleno_english_translation.pdf

ORE12 - Italy

June 16, 2013 "Il mondo inscatolato e unico di Dwora Fried/ The boxed and unique world of Dwora Fried" by Michele de Luca Presso il Museo Ebraico di Venezia in mostra le opere di un’artista sensibile ed originale, dove prevalgono dolcezze e angosce... page 6


La Voce di New York - Italy- US

June 15, 2013 "La Vita in una Scatola/Life in a Box" by Elisabetta De Dominis A Venezia la mostra di Dwora Fried, l'artista americana di origini ebreo-viennesi...


La Voce di New York- English translation by Erika Marina Nadir http://www.dworafried.com/site_images/La_Voce_di_NY_english_translation.pdf

WINA Magazin - Austria

June 2013 "Gut gerahmt – aber nirgends zu Hause/Well framed-- but nowhere home" by Marta S. Halpert Kultur section Dwora Fried reduziert künstlerisch ihre Erlebnisse auf kleinste Räume...


WINA Magazin - Austria English translation by Eva Schütze http://www.dworafried.com/site_images/Wina-_English_trans._with_pictures_6:17:13_.pdf

WINA Magazin - Austria - Hebrew translation by Shlomit Grossman http://www.dworafried.com/site_images/Wina_-_Hebrew_translation.pdf

Artist Spotlight: Favorite Artwork of the Year

January 2012 Editors at the Advocate select their favorite pieces from their 2011 art portfolio Christopher Harrity View #7- GLEE


When Sally Met Sally- UK

August 4, 2011 "Art: Boxed In by Dwora Fried"- Film and Art Editor We caught up with Dwora Fried, creator of the beautiful Boxed In exhibition, currently showing at Woolfson & Tay in East London...


Featured Artist: The Feminist Art Project

July/August 2011 The Feminist Art Project is an international collaborative initiative celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on the visual arts, art history, and art practice, past and present. The project is a strategic intervention against the ongoing erasure of women from the cultural record. The Feminist Art Project promotes diverse feminist art events, education and publications through its website and online calendar and facilitates networking and regional program development worldwide.


DIVA Magazine - UK

AUGUST 2011 "Boxed In" by Bella Qvist Assemblage artist and life-long outsider Dwora Fried conveys a universal message with her first-ever London exhibition... DIVA Magazine- pages 30-31 View Article

The Jewish Chronicle-UK

May 2011 "Boxed In" (page 8) Assemblage artist Dwora Fried will have her first UK showing.... www.dworafried.com/Jewish_Chronicle.pdf

Advocate Artist Spotlight: Dwora Fried

March 2011 Fried has captured miniature operas and intimate moments in her boxed assemblages. At first they seem wondrous and playful, but take a closer look. Christopher Harrity, Curator.


Dwora Fried Video Interview (14 minutes)

February 2011 Southern California Women Artists Archival project of University of Southern California and Rutgers University Dwora Fried Video Interview, February 2011

South African Jewish Report: Vilna exhibition looks ‘beyond historical narrative’

April 2010 Rachel Konstanian's mother sent her to a Russian orphanage at the start of the Second World War... http://sajewishreport.co.za/pdf/2010/april/23-april-2010.pdf

Dwora Fried: Boxes and Collages by Peter Frank

AC Reviews # 3, Winter 2005 - Dwora Fried, Boxes and collages, The Advocate and Gochis Galleries, 1125 N. McCadden Place, Nov. 4-Jan. 8. Although her photocollages are formally and subjectively...


In Los Angeles Magazine

Vol 7, Issue 20 - Nov. 16-29, 2004\ Art Attack by Philip Hitchcock "Dwora Fried at the Advocate Gallery" I have always felt like and outsider....

http://www.dworafried.com/In Los Angeles magazine.pdf


November 2004 Dwora Fried's boxed art draws the viewer into a little world, ... Her multimedia "boxes and collages by dwora fried" exhibition displays pieces that combine ..



April 2004 Upcoming month's highlights "Small dioramas by Dwora Fried are theatrical spaces whose narratives always, thank goodness, go off track."


Kosmos frauenschrift (page 6) http://www.kosmostheater.at/frauenraum_archiv/download/03schrift.pdf

Dwora's work is also located on the following sites:

Southern California Women's Caucus for the Arts: Artist Registry, Artscene.com, ArtNews.org, Artslant.com, The FeministArtProject.rutgers.edu/