Dwora Fried

Upcoming Exhibitions

5/14-6/5 Earthly Delights Avenue 50

5/21-6/3 VS Gallery 825/LAAA

5/28-6/11 Close to Home Art Share LA

6/10-6/17 Out There Gallery 825/LAAA

6/18-7/2 Spectrum 3 bG Gallery

6/24 7-9pm RAINBOW SHIFT

7/22-7/31 Front and Center 5th Annual CA 101

7/30-8/20 Human Rights Show The Gallery

8/13-9/29 The Unauthorized Lily Tomlin Show Fe Gallery

Dwora Fried creates tiny tableaux inside glass fronted boxes. She populates them with miniature vintage furniture, dolls, toys and fabrics from the 50’s, adding photographs, plastic, wood, metal and paint. Her small rooms evoke what it was like to grow up as an outsider in postwar Vienna: being jewish, lesbian and a child of holocaust survivors, she learned to see everything through the prism of loss, danger and secrecy. “I inherited a sense of isolation, displacement and an appreciation for the surreal.” At first glance, the pieces seem to be colorful miniature doll house rooms; however their small size forces the viewer to get closer and share that intimate sense of alienation and solitude of the artist. Although Fried has been living in Los Angeles for over 30 years, her art is still haunted by the remembrance of her early childhood in Vienna, the whimsy and the not so imaginary dangers she experienced on a visceral level.